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Find IP Address Of Others Computer

Find IP Address Of Others Computer - I will give you a bit of knowledge to find the IP addresses of other people very easily. For those of you who do not know anything about IP addresses, do not worry, I gave the explanation. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address or often abbreviated as IP) is a row of binary numbers between 32 bit to 128 bits are used as an identification address for each host computer in a network the Internet. The length of this figure is 32 bit (for IPv4 or IP version 4), and 128 bit (for IP version 6 or IPv6) that indicates the address of the computer -based Internet network TCP / IP.

The analogy, your computer is your home and IP Address is the address of your home. So, if any of your friends are manifold with us but we do not know his home address, we can not do anything right? Well, as it also IP Address. To find the IP address of others, we can do in 2 ways : direct and indirect way.

A straightforward way is to ask your friends IP address directly, but 90 % will not be answered because either he did not remember, or did not want to give. For indirect way, you quietly look for and investigate IP addresses. For now, I will give a very easy tutorial for Looking, Seeing,Knowing, find IP address others computer. But, the message from me, please do not used for negative things.

Finding the IP address of others is quite difficult, but there is actually a way that is simpler and requires little alternative and techniques, what should you do, you have to do is easy easy but hard to do this please refer to the following:

Find IP Address Of Others Computer

Find IP Address of others computer with the site
1. The first step you should do is to visit the following websites : Then you will be taken to the following display :

Find IP Address Of Others Computer

Then enter your email. If you are sure and precise email, then click Get Link. Wait for a confirmation email will be sent to the email you submitted.

2. In the second step after you receive a confirmation email containing the link, I think it should not be so explained back because the content of the message have described how to use them.

3. In the third step that you should be able to send the link in the message to potential victims, you can send an email so that the target would click on the link you provided, of course, use language that could actually convince a target, if the target clicks the link that you make the bait then you will automatically get an email reply as well as the target IP address, okay I guess it could be understood. My advice in this way are used in things natural and made ​​learning at any time if you get the same thing.

Tip : Put a link to the networking media accounts belonging to the target.

Finding IP Address others with Chat Messenger.

Track the IP address of our chat opponent, when we use the Chat Messenger, such as Yahoo messenger, MIRC, etc, in fact we can find the IP address of the person you chat us. How:
1. Submit a file on our chat opponent. Then go to the Command Prompt (MSDOS), and type NETSTAT-N

2. Then press enter, then the IP address of your opponent's chat (which you have to send the file earlier) will appear along with the port used for sending the file. To find the location of your opponent's chat (real address) as he was in college or where, you can check in using the IP address that you get.

Another way track ip address others in yahoo messenger Mesengger and the other is to send a file. Many do not know how to show ip addreas of others computers on Yahoo Messenger, AOL and others, we need it to do tricks, different from living in the whois IRC wrote, well we just start the tutorial, first send any file that you have a chat to your friends in which it functions as the timing of time so that you have time to type in commands to display IP address your chat friend, 600kb suggested above, the larger the better because it will cause you more time.

Immediately open your Command Prompt, then type "netstat -n" and will show the ip of your chat friends, let alone appear as follows : The IP address ( turns out after checking it belongs BlaBlaBlaNet, now finally caught the wearer's messenger in the cafe where, well, if it is a 5000 + port that sent the file to you. The purpose of this tutorial that all kinds of communication the internet without the use of proxies and the like can still be tracked so easily, so I am reminded to use anonymous proxies each time you surf the internet if you really want to reduce the risk of various types of tracking.

Disclaimer : This article is intended as a learning, all acts of abuse are not our responsibility.

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