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Find Private IP Address

Find Private IP Address - IP Address or Internet Protocol Address can be interpreted simply as the identity of a device such as computers, smartphones, routers, etc. are connected in a computer network. IP address serves as a means of identifying the location address of the host and the network. Router in your modem acts as a media liaison traffic to your local IP address. If the computer you're connected to the internet without a router, usually the IP Address you are a public IP address.

Private IP address is often used in the office to identify the device in a department, employee groups to function, or to restrict access to certain resources in the network. Three types of IP ranges specified for Private IP Address is : to, to, and to Private IP Address can not be accessed remotely, without special network settings.

In the following article the author would like to give a tutorial how to determine the ip address private by using the default Windows tools, the command prompt. And the following detailed steps :

Find Private IP Address

Find Private IP Address by using Command Prompt

1. Open the Start Menu. In the search box type "cmd" and then press "enter". So that the command prompt will appear normally marked with a black screen.

Find Private IP Address

2. At the command prompt type the command "ipconfig" and then press "enter".

Private IP address on the LAN will appear as in the above example is While the wireless network will appear as follows:

3. Done. The IP address is displayed in the IPv4 address is a private IP Address of the computer or laptop you are using.

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