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Find Public IP Address

Find Public IP Address - When you subscribed or use internet services from one ISP (Internet Service Provider), then you will get a Public IP. Public IP is is a numerical label assigned to each device such as computers, participating in a computer network using the Internet Protocol as a medium of communication. An IP address has two main functions, namely the host interface identification and location addressing. Logic functions can be used as follows : "When you are looking for a home address, which you definitely need is the name of the street along with the house number, is not it?"

Similarly, if you want to visit a website that you need to know is the name of the website because it is basically the name of the website actually represent public IP address. For example, is a Public IP address So you could say the same public IP address with the name of the hosting. If you are not sure please type in the IP address into your browser, then you will be connected directly to

In general, all customers who use the ISP office or cafe package already given a public IP, although sometimes change due to technology use PPPOE. If you can already know that you use the public ip you can use public IP tersbut for various things, such as creating a web server, ftp server, voip servers and other matters.

Finding the Public IP Addres

The easiest way to find your public IP address is to ask on the website, because the website you see a public IP address and you can tell. For example, you could search by typing what is my ip or what is my ip address in Google. The site will show you a public IP address.

Now try to find out the IP address of your computer, follow the steps below:
  1. Open your browser, such as IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc..
  2. Type the or, or in your address bar or simply click on the text.
  3. In a short time your public IP address will be displayed as shown below.
Find Public IP Address
Usually ip address checking is done for the purpose of IT practitioners remote server, DVR, IP cameras and others. You can also access your router's administration page for this information. This page will display your public IP Address and other information about your Internet connection. Unlike a street address, an IP address is not fixed sometimes. Sometimes internet service provider gives you a new IP address, such as a router you may give your device a new IP address.

The usefulness of other Public IP Address is to connect the branch office server outside your city/island/country, could be in line right server via the Internet. You will need an internet connection using the IP address that can be called Live or Public IP. Caution, if you use a proxy to access the internet is detected, then your computer can not be used as a server, but can still be used as a workstation/client computer (which you connect to your server).

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