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How to Change the iPhone Become Remote Computer Mac

How to Change the iPhone Become Remote Computer Mac - If you frequently perform at a seminar, or perhaps you are following a training program that requires you to engage in activities of daily presentations, you must also be doing a lot of powerpoint documents to be displayed.

Here I am not going to give any advice or tips on making presentations, or how successful presentation, as I'm sure you know more than me.

But on this occasion I will try to give a little help, which is related to the computer controlling the process to facilitate the presentation without having to buy additional devices. Because enough with the iPhone you can control the computer, simply moving the sample slides for the slide presentation.

To do that you need the help of an application called Hippo Remote Lite, which you can install onto your iPhone for free. Okay, now we try to practice.

How to Change the iPhone Become Remote Computer Mac

1. First, download the application from here: 

2. Install the application to your iPhone.

3. Then open your Mac and open the System Preferences menu - Screen Sharing - Sharing.

4. Put a check in the Screen Sharing option and then enter the address of the VNC.

5. To prevent the other devices, use a security password that you can set as you like.

6. The computer will usually ask for authorization in the form of a user name and password before proceeding to the next process.

Up here, in fact you step done, now run the Hippo Remote Lite app on your iPhone and the device will automatically find each other.

This application can be used to be a remote for computers running Mac, Windows and Linux. It's easy and good luck.

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