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How to Download Files 15 Times Faster

How to Download Files 15 Times Faster - Speed ​​is the most important factor in downloading files on the internet. The faster of course more fun. Many factors affect download speeds of whom used the internet bandwidth, server download location conditions, the number of network users (on cafe or hotspot area), and non-technical factors on the browser used. Bandwidth problem can not be tampered with because it depends on the services of the Internet service provider used. How to speed up the download of the most convenient and practical is to use a download manager software.

Each is already providing internet browser download manager feature, simply can not be relied upon to issue speed. Therefore we need special software to handle problems downloading via the internet. The software we call a download manager. Many software download manager available on internet both free and paid. If you want a free but its function is not disappointing, FlashGet is the right choice.
  • Excess FlashGet them as follows.
  • Clean and Free
  • FlashGet freely used by anyone free of charge and with no installation sponsor ads, adware, and spyware.

How to Accelerate downloads speed up to 15 times faster

Can you compare download speeds with Firefox browser only 13 Kbps, while using FlashGet reached 206 Kbps. If calculated an increase 15 times faster, or about 63% faster. Savings time is not it?

1. Automatic call antivirus
Flashget call antivirus and able to automatically perform a scan if the file has been downloaded contains clean viruses, spyware and adware.

2. Categorizing files automatically
FlashGet will detect the file extensions that are downloaded and then put it in different folders according the file extension. That way you do not need to classify the downloaded file manually.

3. Pause and resume downloads
By using FlashGet, you do not have to worry if the download is interrupted because the internet is disconnected. Flasget will keep that history could resume at any time without having to repeat from the beginning.

It was my experience download file 15 times faster, how about you ?

FlashGet weakness is difficult, especially integrated with the Chrome browser and often fail to detect the YouTube video. In addition, it looks like FlashGet is no longer developed by the manufacturer because it was more than a year no update. Alternative free download manager that much easier and nicer is EagleGet Downloader.

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