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How to Find the IP Address in Linux OS

How to Find the IP Address in Linux OS - On Windows, the process of finding the ip address is not a difficult task, in Linux how to find ip address on linux is not a difficult question to answer. But first let's try to understand, what is an ip address?

For those of you who do not know the exact use of an ip address, let me try to explain it to you in detail. An IP address is an abbreviation for 'Internet Protocol' address. Well, ip address 32 bits are stored in a binary format, but it is shown to the user in a human readable form.

It is used to identify the different machines in a network. Every machine on a network requires a unique IP address. It helps in the transfer of data as a set number of machine name, address and route. Another important aspect, 32 bits are used for IP version 4 or IPv4, but in the case of IPv6 (IP version 6) 128-bit is used to handle the computers in a network. IP addresses are usually represented in the form xxxx where x is 8 bits. It's just a basic idea of what the ip address. With a lot of knowledge, let us seek answers to questions related to linux, how to get ip address in linux.

How to Find the IP Address in Linux OS

For novice Ubuntu users who want to find out the address Ip address can be done in two ways:

1. Right click on the network icon (network) that sits in the system tray and select Connection Information menu.

How to Find the IP Address in Linux OS

2. Uses Terminal, Open menu Applications - Accessories - Terminal, at the command prompt type the following command: $ ifconfig

Other way to Find the IP Address in Linux OS

The simplest way to check the ip address linux, when using the bash shell type the command ifconfig. On typing ifconfig you not only can provide an ip address, but also the mac address, subnet mask, and other information.

If you are confused because a large amount of information displayed on the typing ifconfig command, then let me tell you that the number following the inet addr eth0 down ip address of your machine is working.

As an alternative, you can also use the command show ip address. On typing the command you will get an output like, inet Here "/24" means that the subnet mask is Similarly "/8" would mean that a subnet mask of

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