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How to Increase Twitter Followers With Very Fast - Real Human And 100% Works

How to Increase Twitter Followers With Very Fast - Real Human And 100% Works - 100% Works - Twitter is a social network that is very big and very in idol at the moment. In this network there is a Twitter follower or followers that will accompany us while online or twittering on twitter. But followers are not easy to come by because that's a lot of people who want a lot of twitter followers.

Lots of blogs or websites that give them false hope with methods to increase twitter followers. But a lot of applications or twitter follower provider who fake or just a follower robot without the Image and only an ID Twitter Spam. But not in the way that I will present in this article. You do not need to download any application, or doing things that are complicated to increase the number of twitter followers.

Just by 1 click, then the number of your twitter followers will increase by 15-20 followers every 10 minutes. And one more thing you should know, that the twitter followers who follow your twitter account is 100% real human and not a bot.

Flatlive is one of the best followers adder app in the world, why is this the best application? This application is different from most other applications, most applications followers will usually make an account the user should tweet, or mention of spam, such as twitter advertising, selling followers, blog promotion, or even perform automatic retweet. But not with flatlive application, it will not happen to the users of this application for the sake of the convenience of the user. And keep in mind Applications Flatlive generate real human followers, not a bot/fake followers. This application also can not see the password and username for the application connects users directly using the API TWITTER, belonging to the official site Twitter.

How to Increase Twitter Followers With Very Fast - Real Human And 100% Works

You need to consider, during the run of this trick, you will need to disable protection feature on your twitter account. Well this time I will share how to get Twitter followers who are real human beings and not robots of Twitter applications created by

Follow immediately wrote the following tutorial:
1. Sign in or login to your Twitter account
2. Follow @flatlivecom first, so you are given permission to use this application.
3. Go to, and click on twitter logo image (Logo that says "Sign in with Twitter").

How to Increase Twitter Followers With Very Fast

4. You will be redirected to the twitter application page. Then click "Authorize Apps"

5. After that you will be redirected to the submit page. Click the "Submit Query".

6. Wait for a few moments, the application is doing their job.

7. Once redirected to a new page, then this app has done their job. Please check your twitter account, the number of followers on your twitter account has increased by 15-20 followers. But do not close this page, as you will do the next submit query, to get more followers again. Wait for 10 minutes or 600 seconds.

8. After 10 minutes, then you will see a new submit page. Click "Masuk" button,as shown below.

9. This activity will be repeated every 10 minutes. Use the app on a regular basis once every 10 minutes. Please Wait 10 minutes / 600 seconds, then click "MASUK" to gain more followers.

Note: An error occurs if the web please wait for a few minutes, Error happens only temporary. This usually happens because you do not wait 10 minutes of waiting time to press the button.

Evidence of successful account that twitter followers number has increased by using this trick.



*) image credit : followersadt - kaskus

Gains of have many twitter followers

1. Become a Celebrity Tweets
Celebrity tweets on Twitter are famous people (seen from the number of followers), has been popping up in being a celebrity twitter account tweet. Typically this account is an account that has a lot of followers.

2. Promotion Media Free and Forever.
If you have a business in the sale of a product or service has to offer, you can promote products / services through twitter as a marketing strategy.

3. Advertising Services or product reviews,
With the number of followers we have we can open advertising services and product reviews on other people.

4. Could open a twitter follower adder services, with that many followers we can promote other people's twitter accounts to follow by the follower in us.

5. Increase traffic blog / website, as bloggers we definitely need and want a lot of visitors to our blog, one of them is to share our blog articles link to twitter.

6. Sell: If you have a twitter account has many followers, you can sell it to people in need, the price of an account that has a lot of followers, usually one dollar for every 10 followers so if 60000 followers: 10 = 6000 U.S. dollars.

That is the trick of us about How to Increase Twitter Followers With Very Fast - Real Human And 100% Works. If you have questions, please ask via the comment box, I will promptly answer your questions as soon as possible.

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