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How to Know the IP Address on the Computer/Laptop that we use

How to Know the IP Address on the Computer/Laptop that we use - The IP address or the IP address is often referred to stands for Internet Protocol, IP consists of rows or row of binary numbers ranging from 32-bit to 128-bits are generally used to identify the address of each connected host computer or connect to the Internet.

Starting from IP version 4 binary digits long is 32-bits, while for IP Version 6 reaches 128-bit, which indicates the address of each notebook, netbook, laptop, and a computer or other hardware on the network-based Internet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP). IP address is unique and not duplicate, so 1 is used to address only one local host server, for example Google IP, and the address is only used by Google alone.

If the computers are in your home, have been connected to the Internet network, then the address is an address that identifies the network card (network card) on your computer to interact with the network or other devices (in order to distinguish each other and communicate with each other). For those of us who love to air-surfing on the internet, it's good to know the IP address of your computer, because it might one day be needed to track the whereabouts of your computer (for data identity), especially for those of you that work in the field of Science Technology (IT), this of course becomes mandatory for you to master.

How to Know the IP Address on the Computer/Laptop

Actually there are a variety of ways to look at the IP Address on your computer, can be manually through software, as well as through online, because now a lot of websites on the internet that provide services to check the IP Address, and certainly more practical than using the command to the application run, but on this occasion I will try to discuss both. Well, for those of you who are interested to know the IP address of your computer, please observe the following.

Using the Manual Method

1. Click Start on the Windows logo.
2. Retrieval application run.
3. Then, type cmd in the box located on the side of the word 'open'.
4. Then Command Prompt window will appear as shown below, type ipconfig, click enter.

After that, the results will come out, you can see the IP address or the IP address of the network card that is inserted in the hardware in your computer or laptop. Can be seen in the figure below, the IP address is located above the subnet mask and the default gateway, and IP code of your device is located on the side of writing IP addresses, for example, the image below is my computer IP is

5. Done.

Using the Online Way

1. Open this website:
2. Later straight out the IP address of your device along with the ISP location of your IP and your IP address.

3. Done.

To check the detailed information about the identity of your computer that includes a DNS server, and so on, type ipconfig/all at the command prompt earlier.

IP Address is the network address of the host that you use to connect to the internet, so when your device is not connected to the Internet connection, then your IP address at the command prompt will not appear.

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