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How to Protect Your Videos With Password

How to Protect Your Videos With Password - Video usually contains footage of the incident, both memories, meaning that can be accessed and viewed by anyone. But there is also the type of video that contains events that should be hidden so that only be seen by certain people only.

But because of the format in the form of video, so it's hard to stop someone from efforts to open and watch the content in it so that one of the ways that can be done is to implement a security password.

How do I do that? Pretty easy, using Greenforce Player application, we can secure a video of the hands of irresponsible people with the password. As a result the only people who know the password can watch the video content.

How to Protect Your Videos With Password

1. Firstly, download the player from the official web Greenforce on this page:

2. Install on your computer and run the application as normal. Or if you choose a portable version, so you do not need to install the program to your computer. 

3. Upon running, open the video file to be protected with a password, then click DRM - Protect Video.

4. At the Password, fill with your desired password, type once again in the Verify new password.

5. If you want to close the front view of the video, then adjust as the status of Dissaword Snapshots from Inactive becoming Active and click Save.

6. Well here's your current video display, the front display is not visible and can not be accessed by anyone unless they know the password you just entered above.

Videos are now safe from any access, this application is very light and free. Useful to prevent the children from the videos of an adult nature. Good luck!

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