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How to Quickly Find the IP Address in MAC OS X

How to Quickly Find the IP Address in MAC OS X - In general there are two relevant IP address that your computer will use. The first is the LAN address, configured directly on your system, which is a private IP address of the computers and devices use to communicate when behind a router (like that in your home). Second is the public IP address issued by your Internet service provider, and usually can be used either directly on your system or with a router.

In most cases, the private IP address assigned by the router to establish a protected network for computers and other devices, and not directly accessible from the Internet but is used widely for communication device-to-device in the home or office.

To find the private IP address, you can go to the Network preference panel on your Mac and select your active network connection. When you do it, the main window will display the current IP address assigned to that relationship.

How to Quickly Find the IP Address in MAC OS X
You can also search for your personal IP address in Terminal, using the following command for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection:
networksetup-GetInfo Wi-Fi
networksetup-GetInfo Ethernet
A publicly accessible IP will be one that is issued by your ISP, and allows you to contact your home network from a remote location.

IP addresses are generally configured in the router (not on your computer), and because of the connection to the computer you use will require routing and forwarding in the router configuration right.

If you need to find your public IP address of your router, you can do it in some way outside to go to your router configuration.

The easiest way to find him is to do a Google search for the term "IP". The search results will display your public IP address as the first entry.

How to Quickly Find the IP Address in MAC OS X

Several third-party utilities that you can install it and keep going to see your information if it changes. Furthermore, OS X Daily has recently outlined a few options to look at this through the command line, which may be useful if you need to specify an IP address in a script.

Every computer connected to the Internet will be assigned a unique IP address, which is used to identify the different networks. All web servers and websites are also associated with an IP address. Through its "Network Utility" is installed on all new Apple computers, Mac users can see the IP address and then trace the route network to find out where the connection originated.

Knowing the IP address (Internet Protocol) is very useful for experienced network and file sharing problems. IP addresses are active on your computer is available in your Network Preferences panel.
  1. In the Finder, click on the "Apple Menu" in the upper left corner of the menubar. Cursor point to "System Preferences" and release the mouse/trackpad button to start the "System Preferences".
  2. On the menu "System Preferences", select it and click the "Network" icon to open the menu "Network Preferences".
  3. On the "Network", click on the first item in the list of available network connections on the left side of the screen. Active connections will have a green color before the name of the connection, the connection is active.
  4. Click on the "Advanced" button at the bottom right side of the menu "Network" to open the menu "Advanced"
  5. In the "Advanced" network option, click on the "TCP-IP" from the row of buttons at the top.
  6. IP address of your Mac will be displayed to the right of the dialog "IPv4 Address". The address number is the IP address that is currently active on your Mac.

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