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How to Recover Gmail Account After Being Hacked

How to Recover Gmail Account After Being Hacked - Have you experienced a failed login to Gmail account, even though password is correct. This will certainly change your day be gray and annoying. But not to worry, you are not alone. There are millions of people out there who have experienced similar things.

You do not need to panic, unless there is personal data is very important nan eg credit card numbers or data that are privacy and only you should know. But still you should not be too panic, because in this article we will discuss how to recover Gmail account after being hacked.

How to Recover Gmail Account After Being Hacked

1. Go to and then try to sign in to your account as usual, if it fails then click "Need Help?"

How to Recover Gmail Account After Being Hacked

2. On the next page, click "I don’t know my password" and then confirm your e-mail listed in the box below and click Continue.

3. Then click the button "I don’t know".

4. You will be asked to choose one of two recovery methods, the first using a second phone and use an alternate email. Both the data is obtained when you first enroll in the Google service. Suppose we choose the first option, recovery via SMS, then click the Continue button.

5. Wait a few minutes and when messages are entered as soon as you type the verification code sent via SMS and click the Continue button.

Once the system verifies correctness of code, then your account is active again and you'll get a new password. Remember, change the password more difficult to guess.

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