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How to Reformat the Chromebook

How to Reformat the Chromebook - Chromebook is a notebook that brings a slightly different concept, despite the claimed anti-hacker and have better toughness than regular notebooks, it does not mean the device is anti to the problem.

Just like any other computer device, the Chromebook is also very likely experiencing a system error that requires one of handling extreme reformat the computer. The problem is how the heck do I reformat Cromebook and if needed additional tools?

The answer is not necessary, because the Chromebook already provides two tools that can be used to reformat the system powerwash and Full Recovery.

How to Reformat the Chromebook

How to Reformat the Chromebook

1. Open the Settings menu in the status area and then click Show Advanced Settings 

2. Find powerwash option and then click the button labeled powerwash.

3. If the popup window appears, click Restart, and wait for the recovery process running.

It was easy, right? Before deciding to activate powerwash, please keep in mind that this action will erase your local data, to be sure you have the backup data to be restored. The best alternative, always store important data in Google Drive that can easily be done later synchronization process.

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