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How to Run Windows Applications on a Mac Computer

How to Run Windows Applications on a Mac Computer - If you are a Mac user who wants or needs a program that can only run on a Windows platform, then there are several options you can do. First Windows computer you can borrow a friend, or daring to change the computer.

Secondly you can use third party applications to help run Windows applications on a Mac computer. Is it possible? very likely, the choice could be the Bootcamp application, for Linux users can use Wine and the good news is now Wine can also run on a Mac computer.

In this article we will discuss how to run Windows applications on a Mac using Wineskin application assistance.

How to Run Windows Applications on a Mac Computer

1. Opening move first download the file from this page:
2. Extract the file and insert it into your applications folder then run it, click the plus sign (+) to display the engine, this engine is required to run Windows applications.

3. Then click Download and Install.

4. The process begins to install it by clicking on the Create New Blank Wrapper, enter the name Wrappers, and click OK.

5. Then click the Install button.

6. After the wrapper successfully created, right-click and click Show Package Contents.

7. Next you will see two folders, open Wineskin App and run the Wineskin application.

8. Then click the Choose Setup Executable.

9. So now the installation process is the procedure resembles the one in Windows.

10. If you want to run the application, right-click on the file wrapper, click Advanced and then find that there is an application by clicking the Run Test.

11. Like this display Windows applications that run on Mac computers.

That's the way to run Windows programs on a Mac computer, a little complicated but only slowly, understand the process and it would be easy.

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