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How to Setting Up a Computer to be Ready to Use

How to Setting Up a Computer to be Ready to Use - Hi friends.. This time I want to share to my friends all the tips to prepare your computer all friends until ready to use. Starting from the experience as well, many of my friends who often commute to make reinstall my computer, but if done alone was not difficult, immediately wrote yes, let's get started...

How to Setting Up a Computer to be Ready to Use

1. Setting up Operating System

So definitely, if there is no Operating System ( OS ), computer can not be used to support our work, because it is a software operating system that serves as the parent of the software are working on it, but it also is also an OS that connects and communicates with hardware ( hardware ) computer.

Lots of OS that we can use, ranging from the paid up to the open source or free, but on average most people have become accustomed and familiar with Microsoft's OS is Windows, probably because of the user friendly nature and also possibly due to the early first learned computer using the Windows OS. There is also a free OS is Linux, many distributions that can be used, among others, Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, Backtrack, etc. that can be tailored to the needs and tastes of the user.

How to Setting Up a Computer to be Ready to Use

2. Setting up Computer drivers

Once the OS is installed, then we install the drivers required by your computer, usually at the time of the drivers already include the purchase of a computer, or the driver can also be downloaded from the internet by entering key words we need drivers.

3. Setting up Office Tools

The next step we need to install software such as word standard work sheet, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF reader. For the software there are paid and some are free as well, for example we can use a paid Microsoft Offce, whereas for which we can use the free Open Office software to the standard office tools. For PDF reader software we can use Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

4. Setting up Antivirus

Point one is also a very important thing for the survival and performance of our computers, we shall antivirus installed before the undesirable things happening with our important files. Many antivirus that we can use, there are paid and some are free, some examples of commonly used antiviral that include AVG, Avira, SmadAV, Norton, Kaspersky, or Microsoft Security Essentials.

5. Setting up Utilities

To maintain the performance of your computer in order to remain stable, we need the name for our computer software utilities, like vehicles that need maintenance, computer maintenance that we need to remain stable performance. There are several software that can help us to keep our computer performance such Tune Up Utilities, CCleaner, Registry Booster, etc..

6. Setting up Multimedia

For those of you who need entertainment to listen to music or watch a movie we can take advantage of the Windows Media Player software that is inherited from the Windows OS, but is usually limited to a specific file format, as an additional software we can use multimedia software such as Winamp, iTunes, VLC Player, GOM Player, Quick Time Player, Media Player Classic, etc..

7. Setting up Supporting software

At this point usually depends on the needs of each user should, for you who like to use the Graphic Design supporting software such as Photoshop, Corel, 3D Max, etc.. For you are engaged in the field of Web Design and Development can use supporting software such as Dreamweaver, Xampp, Notepad + +, etc.. For you who like the song or movie editing can use supporting software such as Audacity, Music Editor Free, Nuendo, Adobe Premiere Pro, Movie Maker, etc..

Well, now you 're ready to use the computer, maybe it's just that I can to make my friends. Good luck!

If there is additional from my friends please write a comment below so we can share the information here.

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