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Setting Computers to Connect to the Internet

Setting Computers to Connect to the Internet - This article is intended for people who do not understand the computer settings to religion can be used for internet connection. Not have IT people, can also be used for the layman. To make connections to the Internet, the technical requirements needed are as follows:

Setting Computers to Connect to the Internet

Computer hardware:
Minimum 486 DX processor, Pentium recommended

Minimum of 8 Mb Ram, 16 Mb recommended

minimum speed of 14.4 kbps modem, higher speed is recommended. SijiwaeNet supports modem speeds of 56 kbps with the V.90 protocol.

phone line, you should not use a channel multiplier (PairGain) or WLL (telephone via radio). Multiplier channel will slow the speed of access.


Windows 3.1, 95 or more. (of course, can also use other operating systems)
Windows has been installed on the 'Dial up networking' and works fine.
Has installed the TCP / IP on the windows.
Browser software (for internet browsing).

How to install computer

If the above requirements have been met, then you are ready to install the computer by following the steps as follows:

1. Installing a modem, how do I install the modem to be recognized by your computer.

2. Setting dial up, set the modem to connect to the internet.

3. Setting DNS.

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