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Sony Patented Concept Household Robot Assistant

Sony Patented Concept Household Robot Assistant - Sony has just patented the concept of a robot that is projected as a household assistant. Really?

Sony does have shut their robotics division in 2006 due to low response from the community, however, Sony is now re-publish robotic technology patents that may be projected as the household assistant.

Patents numbered 20140074292 titled Robot device, method of controlling a robot device, computer program, and program storage medium is an updated version of QRIO ever launched before.

In this new patent, QRIO robot hand is described as having a bigger, then to his feet replaced the wheel that moves faster, more flexible motion angle, and a more advanced camera.

Sony Patented Concept Household Robot Assistant
Who became the focus of this update QRIO robot is self-analysis software system for the camera.

In the meantime, let's wait for the official announcement from Sony regarding the presence of these advanced robots.

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