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Spotify Mobile Music Services Outperform iTunes in Europe

Spotify Mobile Music Services Outperform iTunes in Europe - Competition in the field of mobile music is no less fierce competition when compared with smartphone sales. Just look at how the Spotify streaming music service to compete with iTunes.

Spotify Mobile Music Services Outperform iTunes in Europe

iTunes is considered the king of mobile music services. However, Spotify is now running faster in order to overtake the king, reports Ubergizmo.

"There seems to be a good opportunity for revenue Spotify. Several of our partners like MusicWeek and others, said Spotify is now generating more income every month throughout the continent of Europe, rather than iTunes," said Kevin Brown, Head of Spotify is associated with a label in Europe.

Spotify recently also announced that it has added more than one million active users in the last four months.

"Sales of downloads content tends to decrease, but instead Spotify is growing rapidly, especially in the UK. Was only a matter of time before Spotify becomes bigger than iTunes," added Brown.

Tried Spotify - One Way To Fight Piracy

Spotify, a music streaming service in the world than Deezer, Rdio and others that I have never tried. You ever try? If not, fair, because the streaming service was not so promoted worldwide. But this music service will soon shift the popularity of similar streaming music service, iTunes.

Lately there are a few friends on Facebook who play songs through the application called Spotify. Curious as to what the application is called Spotify, finally I tried to install Spotify on my laptop.

Spotify has a fairly large database of songs stored online. From what I see, it looks like all the songs legally.

Database owned by Spotify not so impressive. Most songs on Spotify database is a popular song, hits and songs standings international charts. For most listeners this might be ok. But for music listeners are quite segmented, especially indie music, this may be a problem because a lot of songs that can not be found on the Spotify database. This can be overcome by linking playlists and databases that we have in the music player such as iTunes, for example.

One of the major advantages compared to other music player Spotify is social networking. Previously I was using for social networking in the field of music. We can meet with others who have similar musical tastes with us, and look for music that suits our tastes. It's just not as popular as Facebook. Most users simply download the scrobble (language used to play a song and connect it to a account) and search for new artists as well as measure the degree of compatibility with other users based on a song that was heard.

Spotify works very similar to Even Spotify also has a feature to connect Spotify to account as it has done other music player. Because the main advantage of Spotify Spotify is a feature to connect with your Facebook account. It can be a good means of social networking in the field of music given the lack of space for music on Facebook while on are only available space for the music alone.

Other features on Spotify apps are a few extras such as the Rolling Stones, Pitchfork,, The Guardian can add a review music for music reference for the listener as well as the application to search for song lyrics so we could easily sing the song we are listening.

The most fundamental shortage of Spotify is the sound quality of the music you listen to. But for the majority of music listeners may not be a problem except that for which you are an audiophile. Another downside is that we can only listen to it for free in the last six months will be subject to quota 10 hours each month in the following months. To be able to listen to an unlimited songs have to pay a fee of 5 Euros per month or 10 euros per month to get the premium features (without advertising, the maximum sound quality, offline mode).

For copyright issues, Spotify completely legal in certain countries. This is because Spotify has been paid to several record labels in the country although it is still very little.

Overall Spotify gives a new feel to listen to the songs which we need not trouble to download tracks and fulfill the hard drive memory and the possibility to socialize through music with socia networking features available.

It seems like in today's Internet age, the music industry should change its strategy as practiced by this Spotify. From my experience, Spotify provides an alternative to listen to the song easily without downloading pirated results. Features unlimited and premium was actually quite cheap when compared to buying a CD or buy the digital version via iTunes. After all, true music lovers will certainly buy physical records as private collections.
The advantages of Spotify Music Service

I want to tell you briefly what is the advantage of Spotify instead of having to download the "free"?
1. Free

Yes free, if you just want to listen to a song on your computer (PC / MAC). Else if you want to listen to on-demand on your mobile phone or want to download it then requires a premium service for $ 9.99 there.

2. Songs Collection

Currently the collection of songs on Spotify very much. Including songs from all countries in the world, of course, with labels that work together. But even so you can find the old songs, long enough, even new.

3. Tracks Quality

The quality of the streaming and download songs (when using premium account) no doubt. Even if it could have a premium account to listen to the 320 kbps quality, of course the quality is not the result of ripping a CD, but really from the record label, so even though 96 kbps the quality is still good to listen to.

4. Apps

Another advantage, sometimes we are confused to choose what songs you like to hear in the next, well, in the Spotify app is a lot that can be used as a reference for finding songs that fit we want.

Do not forget also to discover who owned his own app by Spotify to see the song may be heard by you based on what you heard.

5. Social

Surely this era of social convenience you want what you hear can share with others. Spotify could do that with the share feature, even already integrated with Facebook.

Playlist could also be shared, so that when we make a list of the songs are okay and want others to listen to live alone share.

Next is to make friends. Here not only can make friends with people we know, but also to follow what artists are listening to on the Activity tab.

The weaknesses of the Spotify Music Service
In addition to some excess was certainly no shortage. However, this shortcoming should not preclude its use Spotify behavior.

1. Bandwidth

It can not be denied as the country with the world ranked 115 (Akamai, 2012) for the internet speed is going to be a problem. But do not feel inferior first, my experience using the slow internet speed can still listen on Spotify. Average usage when streaming is 30-70 or 240-560 kbps kbps. If you can use the bandwidth for downloading illegal, why would not create legal? equally free you know.

2. Moral

Often my promotion to a friend about music on iTunes or Spotify, the answer is always "If there's an easy, why is complicated?". The moral of this nation does need to be changed, and that I wanted to start my own by writing this article and you are willing to read up to this point.

Spotify though most streaming on-demand while still making money for its artists, yes, even if you do not download it but still no royalties paid. So help artists we like the song why not?

Want to try?
Currently if you want to try Spotify in countries that have not officially support it requires a special way. Surely you all already know the how. When you do not know, maybe can try Deezer for a while to get a feel of how the service is run.

If you already tried, try to share his experience yes. Happy listening, legally. :)

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