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Step By Step How To Speed Up Download Speed

Step By Step How To Speed Up Download Speed - Many of us are fed up with the process or slow download speeds, especially for those who use or make use of the Internet by using a modem. However, the actual speed of the download process can be accelerated.

The following will explain how to speed up the download with some practical steps. But of course the speed will not increase very rapidly, because of course the main thing that affects the download speed is the speed of the Internet connection provided by the Internet service provider you use.

How To Speed Up Download Speed

1. Close all programs that do not need or do not use, as well as unnecessary tabs in your browser. Because it any better in a browser tab is opened and the programs you run course will take resources from your system. With the increasing number of system resource use will certainly will slow down the overall performance of the computer and of course if the performance of a slow computer then any process will be slow, the download process is no exception.

2. Make sure your computer is free from various types of malware, as malware will slow down the performance of any or any process running on your computer.

3. Make sure your computer's performance work well or properly. Slow computer performance will certainly affect the download speed. For more details, how to speed it up, you can read on how to speed up computer performance.

4. Turn off automatic updates for a while from a variety of programs on your computer that automatically updates your previous settings, so that the speed of your internet is not divided between for and to download the update program / ​​application.

5. How to accelerate the download the next one is try to not undergo any thing in your browser or browsing anything during the process of the download is in progress. So basically when the download is in progress, stop all activity while using or others that require an internet connection speed of the Internet can all be used to process the download

6. Use the application support to accelerate the download process. In this case I suggest you use internet download manager (IDM) (of course, you are already very familiar with this one application).

7. If you are using IDM, then you can further accelerate the pace by adding a proxy. The trick, visit the following site, then select the speed and the time it is the best connection (usually the author use the ip of the U.S.). Then open IDM, and open the downloaded > options> proxy.shock. and enter the proxy server address and port using the address that you have previously selected in earlier site.

So how to speed up downloads that can share the author of this article, may be useful.

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