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What is a Client Server Network

What is a Client Server Network - Client and server are two applications that connect and interact between application that acts as a client and an application that acts as a server. Application Server to act more as a service provider to the client application, because the application server as a receiver and giver of the data requested by the client application. In this case the client application a more active role in sending and requesting data.

What is a Client Server Network

Client Server is a network model that clearly separates which can provide network services (servers) and where the relationship between computers in a system that only receives service (client).

From the definition above it can be concluded that the Client Server is the relationship between computer use as connective tissue system in which servers as a data provider.

The word 'server' is often pronounced by computer users, especially when you're talking about 'computer network' or 'internet'. In English, the word is derived from the word server means to serve the serve, serve, serve, serving. Thus, in talks 'computer network' or 'internet', the server is a computer (or a computer system) whose job it is serving other computers. Of course, computers are serviced computers connected to the server. Thus, a server computer to function as:

Site or science internet

Storage of data or files, and make the data or the file can be retrieved when needed.
Connecting a client computer to the Internet.

Lots of computer users who are trying to define the meaning of the word / term in conjunction with a computer server. Here are some definitions:

  1. The server is a computer on the Internet or any other network that stores files and makes the file available to be taken if needed.
  2. The server is a computer network applications that are used to serve many users in a network.
  3. The server is a computer system that provides a specific kind of service in a computer network.
A server is a computer system that provides a specific kind of service in a computer network. Servers are supported by a scalable processor and RAM, also equipped with a special operating system, which is referred to as the network operating system or network operating system. The server is also running administrative software that controls access to the network and the resources contained therein, such as a file or display devices (printers), and gives members access to a network of workstations.

Generally, in the top server operating systems are applications that use client / server architecture. An example of this application is the DHCP Server, Mail Server, HTTP Server, FTP Server, DNS Server, and so forth. Each server operating systems generally bundle these services or those services can also be obtained from third parties. Each of these services will respond to requests from clients. For example, the DHCP client will deliver the request to the server running the DHCP server; when a client requires an IP address, the client will give the command / request to the server, with a language that is understood by the DHCP server, the DHCP protocol itself.

Examples of server operating system is Windows NT 3.51, and continued with Windows NT 4.0. Currently the system is quite popular is the Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003, then Sun Solaris, Unix, and GNU / Linux.

The server is usually connected to the client with UTP cable and a network card. The network card is usually a PCI or ISA card.

Server function very much, for example, for internet sites, science, or just data storage. However, the most common is to connect a client computer to the Internet.

What is a Client

Client, is a computer that is allowed to enter the network and taking/using all available resources within the network. Devices that are in the client computer such as memory, processor, it is not as strong as it is on the server. Although this time, the price of the PC is much reduced making it possible to pair the device server on the client computer, although in terms of Client Server no effect.

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