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XModGames Clash of Clans Attack Simulation

XModGames Clash of Clans Attack Simulation - Of course you already know what it is Clash of Clans. In this article I will discuss how to get a lot of Elixir, Gold and attack other players. Some time ago, I've discussed how to get a lot of loot in Clash of Clans. In this article, we will discuss about the Attack Simulation on Clash of Clans (COC). Attack Simulation, Sandbox Attack, or attack training is a powerful way that can be used to test our attack can succeed completely or not.

By Attack Simulation or training, we can attack the enemy many times, knowing the enemy's weak point, the best place to drop troops, traps, and other locations without fear of losing troops. The trick is in the application XModGames, What is XModGames? XModGames is an application created to help you in playing the game of Android. With Xmod you will be able to save time in finding Gold and Elixir, and also to simulate the attack before you attack another player. To use this mod for COC you have to start from the XModGames application, if immediate start of the game COC, then you can not use a mod of XModGames. But to use it you have to download and install it first. How to simulate an attack? Here is how.

XModGames Clash of Clans Attack Simulation
  • Download and install as usual Xmodgames in Android. To use this application, make sure your Android in rooted mode
  • Clash of Clans Attack Simulation
  • Open XModGames, then select the Clash of Clans, and then click Install Mod. If the mod is already installed, click Launch to start the game.
  • To begin to set, click the X button on the right and activate the Sandbox Attack.
  • You can simply select an opponent you want to attack. Select Visit or Scout on base opponents.
  • This is an example of Attack Simulation on player No. 1 on the Clash of Clans. It's show to you how the application works.
  • Once the Attack Simulation is complete, Clash of Clans will directly Force Close by itself

Q: Why my CoC always hold out of the game if you're using the Rage spell to accelerate the movement Troops? To be sure I hiked into 100.0 which makes hoist Troops to be very fast, but a few seconds CoC application directly close by itself. But if dipause, does not appear any problems, CoC can still be played as usual. Please give the solution.
A: Features xmodgame there is no facility to accelerate the movement. There was only the search of gold elixir, online always wrote the same sandbox. Try to use the default values

Q: If you use the feature Accelerate shortly thereafter occur lost connection. Though the connection is no problem. When the game launch CoC there are two buttons, the first button tweaks loot, etc and other buttons (which are similar symbol) accelerate its game (You could say tweaks time). This feature makes lost connection.
A: Why do I never see any tweaks time. You use xmodgame or imodgame? To my knowledge there is only the features I mentioned above. But I would like to advise you to use the default value. It's like that. There can be accelerated motion, because the COC is an online game, so all our data stored on their servers. So it will always disconnect, I too have experienced this case. Try to do modifications on this application so that it can be used on a local server.

Q: I've tried every way, download XModgames wherever still can not run on my Android device. To download the application there is no one who works and can not be opened. "APL can not be opened". Ok, I finally can download the application xmodgames, install also successful. To be able to run the application must be rooted Android. Root option already existed at the time we want to run the application. But my smartphone does not support to run this application. Smartphone that I use is the LG Nexus 5 with Lollipop Android OS version 5.
A: For android device (tablet or smartphone) which Intel-based can not use this application

Q: I am confused as to what I should do. I would like to send in your screenshot, how? Due to explain the problems I faced is very difficult. To be sure, there are problems in xmodgames features. If it work, it's great and steady once. The next problem is the last night I tried to enable Keep Active feature, but the base of mine can still be attacked by the enemy. What caused it? Is Keep Active feature can not be used anymore ??
A: Try screenshots first, then upload in hosting images. Then provide a link to upload a screenshot on my results via the comments box. I will help check for problems that occur. Update: Apps should not be killed. Let apps running.

Q: In my own smartphone, Xmod can not be used, both iOS and Android. It seems the problem is not rooted Android or iPhone is not jailbreak. Now being a loss for how to root / jailbreak? Is without a jailbreak or root the application can be run?
A: Requirement Device has been root / jailbreak, because xmodgame request access to the root file Android devices. For how to root / jailbreak may be googling or use the services of a technician.

Q: Is my CoC ID will be exposed to punishment banned if using Application XModgames
A: This is not a hack application, but the application tweaks. So far, my ID is still safe and not exposed to punishment banned. And there has never been a report of the CoC gamers getting banned after using this app. This application is safe and does not violate the CoC rules.

Q: There was a problem during the install mod, why always fail and never succeed? Installing notification can not be lost, and if forced to play CoC, display a notification "failed please reboot". It keeps happening.
A: Try to report this problem to the application developer's website, go to

XmodGames useful for the exercise of attack (attack training) before the clan war. You can use attack simulation for several times until you are sure to get 3 star. Good luck!

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